1600 Daimond St.

Onawa, IA 51040

712 423 9287








Q. What makes the M.O.G. different than any other gym?

The M.O.G. is a community based fitness and health club fully integrated with a physical therapy clinic. Its mission is to deliver an exercise experience, based in scientific research, that is far superior to your typical club.


Q. Why the medical name?

The M.O.G. provides an opportunity for medically compromised members of the community to receive expert fitness programming that the healthy motivated population receives.


Q. What is medically compromised?

People with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, recovering from Cancer, or are obese , all have challenges to exercise that require expert fitness professionals.


Q. What is so special about the M.O.G. Staff?

All of our staff have college educations that encompass exercise, movement, physiology, and nutrition expertise. Our staff is made up of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Exercise Physiologists, and Dieticians.



Q. Can I just join the gym?

Absolutely!!! The M.O.G. is a state of the art, first class fitness club that provides all the services and many amenities that most large chain, big box clubs just can't provide.